About ACE Education

Welcome to ACE Education that works cooperatively with many universities in China especially in Chengdu.  ACE Education was founded in Chengdu to continue to deliver top quality courses based on USA, European and Australian curriculum standards of highly accredited universities in those countries.  Professors that teach with ACE come from AACSB and EQUIS accredited universities of USA that have a very long tradition of delivering only the best courses that are recognized world wide.  The courses taken by students at ACE are recognized by universities in USA, UK, Australia and many other countries and . Nearly 150 students have taken our courses in the past 4 years. Various Chinese universities and American universities provide the transcript for the courses taken at our International Summer Session and these courses are easily transferred to US, UK, Australia and many other universities.

How does it work?


Students register for courses at ACE Education. All courses go through rigorous academic standards established by ACE Academic Standards Board that ensures that all courses meet the most stringent requirements of US, UK and Australian universities.