Credit Transfer Process

Before you apply for ACE International Summer Session, please contact the registrar’s office or academic advisor in your university to learn the detailed information about credit transfer.

1. Download the syllabus of the course you want to take from our website, and bring it to your university advisor to discuss about your plan of taking our summer school program in the upcoming summer.

2. Provide required information by the university advisor such as petition form or Pre-approval Form. Generally, the academic advisor would help the students to work on these documents.

3.  Submit the required information to your university for pre-approval/petition.  This process makes the credit transfer easy and hassle-free.

4. A national level Chinese university issues formal transcript based on students’ final grades, and after students complete their classes and pass the exams, each course will be awarded 4 credits officially by the Chinese university.  

5. ACE Education also provides another option to the students to have the courses taken by them with ACE to have the transcript from a US university/college.  This process provides an advantage over the transcript from a Chinese university because the transcripts from the US universities are accepted by US/Canada and Australian universities much more easily.  This option requires students to pay an extra payment of RMB2000.



Credit Transfers are done based on Official Transcript.

A top Chinese university will issue official transcript on the International Summer Session in both Chinese and English with sealing stamp on the envelope.

The official transcript will be made and sent to the address provided by student in the online application system after August 3rd. The sending period depends on whether the student offers complete and correct receiving address in time. If the student fails to provide the complete and correct address and result in delay or failure of transcript mailing or other consequences, the student shall bear all the responsibility and loss.

If you order a second transcript to be mailed, please contact ACE Education office and you are required to pay extra transcript and sending fees (100 Yuan per copy) and international delivery fee (168 Yuan per copy).

PLEASE NOTE THAT most American Institutions require transcript directly sending to the Registrar’s Office, Undergraduate Office or Department Office. Therefore, we strongly recommend students to confirm the mailing address with an advisor or related department before taking summer session classes.