Basic Structure

1. ACE Education offers many courses during summer session. These are taught by outstanding professors from American universities. All courses we offer meet and exceed the requirements of North American curriculum.

2. All of our classes are taught in English. There are two types of Sessions: Three Week Sessions and Five Week Sessions.  Three week sessions has 15 classes – 5 classes each week for 3 hours each (45 hours). With the addition of Examination time and office hours for student interaction, each class is pegged at 54 hours for 4 credit hour class. Five week session has 24 classes in total. All sessions are 2 hours in length. The total instruction time is 48  instruction hours equaling to 54 hours with examination time and office hours.

3. Our courses correspond directly with those in North American university system to ensure the credit transfer.  These courses also correspond directly with UK and Australian system to ensure credit transfer.

4. Each course of our program is worth 4 credits, equivalent to the credits of a standard semester-long US university course.  For UK and Australian universities, these courses exceed their standards of credits.

5. Each course at ACE taught during  International Summer Session can fit up to 40 students.  Normally we do not have the problem of over-full classes.  IF a class becomes full, we will try to open another section of the same course so that everybody who wants to take the class can be accommodated in the class.  This means that the same teacher would teach two sections of the class.  The timing of the class would have to be different.